Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The sounds of the world's oceans

A BBC news item caught my eye today. It concerns oceanographers in Vancouver who have an underwater listening array. Apparently the US military are unhappy about the scientists' practice of allowing anyone at all to listen, live, to the microphones, in the way that you might monitor a webcam. The US navy carries out manoeuvres in the waters off the Canadian coast and is concerned that anybody can listen to the distinctive sounds of its ships. Apparently the navy now takes the sound and 'scrubs' it before returning it to the oceanographers for general consumption.

 There are other stations broadcast a live feed and you can find, and listen to, them at http://www.listentothedeep.com/acoustics/index.html I can't say I've heard anything spectacular yet but it's interesting to tune in for a while.  Perhaps the US navy's edit will provide us with some highlights. The BBC article does just that.

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