Saturday, 14 January 2012

Kathakali in Kochi

I have recently returned from India; a fortnight or so in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It was a family visit so perhaps not as much music as I might have otherwise have pursued but nevertheless I encountered plenty.

I left home in Norwich in the small hours on the back of a jazz gig over in Great Yarmouth. I arrived in Cochin at the end of a particularly long day at about 5.30am, local time.  Having been advised to stay awake until local bedtime, that first day is a bit of a blur.  However, our host at the homestay suggested we go and see a Kathakali performance that evening.  Although watching the performers apply their make-up was fascinating (it took them over an hour) and the live drumming and percussion was a treat, I confess I kept nodding off during the dancing as I struggled against loss of sleep.

I was a better audience for a sitar and tabla recital in the same venue the following evening but I couldn't persuade the rest of my party to come along.


  1. I did that once, I discovered that Magic Malik was playing one night only, on the night when I arrived totally jet-lagged in Canada in the morning. I did enjoy those bits of the concert where I was awake, but the person behind me started to get a bit antsy when I snored.

  2. (If you want your photos to appear side by side, try going into the HTML editor and making sure there is no HTML text between the picture frame on the left and the one on the right.

    A picture frame starts with the text "" so for two pictures side by side you need two frames that are consecutive, so in the middle the HTML text goes .../a> of the first picutre and the starting <a of the second one. If it all goes horribly wrong you can revert to your original saved one.

  3. Thank you, Mark. That seems to have worked. It's not a problem I've encountered before but the upload system has been updated and is more automated now. I'll just have to get handier with HTML.