Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Body Land Movement

Life just gets better.  I had a wonderful day on Saturday playing for a dance workshop led by Celia Little and Filipa Pereira Stubbs in woods west of Cambridge.  Called Body Land Movement, it facilitated expressive dance in nature and my role was to support people musically in their exploration.  As they improvised dance, so I improvised music.  It is very hard to convey, in words, just how magical an event this was for teachers, dancers and musician alike.  I won't even try.  At the end of the day we ate soup together and then made use of a sauna in the woods built from huge pieces of oak.  And that gave me a chance to practise, with an audience, the story I plan to tell at Tales from the Undercroft in Norwich tomorrow evening.

The Cambridgeshire site has not one but two covered dance floors without walls.  We used the larger one (pictured) as well as the woods around it.


  1. I imagine that a video on youtube might do it for us, but in its absense I'll just have to imagine. I think youtube is great for sharing those events that turn out to be quite magical, but which are perhaps unexpectedly so.

  2. I agree completely, Mark. On this occasion I just had time to slip away and take a couple of stills when I wasn't needed. It wasn't a women-only workshop but it happened that only women came on this occasion so I asked permission to take a couple of long shots in which no one would be easily identified. But I hope to address, soon, the youtube issue with a video of my band that we shot last weekend.