Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Another singular venue

It's not every day I'm asked to play in a 14th century vaulted stone crypt. Every so often I play in the a bar called Jurnets, situated in the cellar beneath Jurnets House in King Street in mediaevel Norwich. Last Friday I did this in my role as clarinetist in Eastern Straynotes and actually remembered to take my camera along.

The place was 'themed' before the theme-ing of pubs became big business and has a few bits of old agricultural ironware hanging from the walls, a heavy, metal door that looks like it belongs inside a submarine, and some stuffed animals in glass-fronted boxes. There are also some light fittings, visible in one of the pictures, that I'm sure mediaeval folk would have admired. They are made of some thin metal plate and pot-rivetted together but to the casual eye they look the part. To be honest, the building itself has so much character that all attempts to add it to it are superfluous.

I'm not sure who the band in the picture is. I arrived while they were playing and only had time for a quick 'hello' while they left the stage and the Straynotes set up. Foolishly I didn't ask anyone to get a photo of our set. Maybe next time.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, please, a photo of the set next time.

    This reminds me of a Mexican restaurant I used to know in Windsor, but this one was in a boring railway bridge arch - Nothing like as interesting as your place.